Grand Imperial Conclave Report July 2024

At the meeting of Grand Imperial Conclave on the 2nd July 2024, Cumbria Division were very well represented with 13 Worthy Knights travelling to London to support R.Ill.Kt Joseph Sudhakar, Intendant General, Ill.Kt David Stewart, Deputy Intendant General, and to celebrate with the Cumbria Division members who were appointed and promoted on the day. These were –

V.Ill.Kt Shane Huddart, promoted to Past Grand High Almoner

Ill.Kt Keith Young, promotion to Past Grand Chamberlain

Ill.Kt Andrew Lister, first appointment to Assistant Grand Marshal (Acting)

Ill.Kt David Bowden, first appointment to Past Grand Prefect

P.Kt Robert Nicholson, first appointment to the Grand Sepulchre Guard

After the meeting the 13 Cumbria Division members enjoyed the festive board in a packed Connaught rooms with members from all corners of the country and overseas, before heading to Euston station to catch the train home.

Anyone who is interested in joining one of the 5 Red Cross Conclaves in the Cumbria Division can contact the Divisional Recorder, Andrew Moore, email for further information.

New Intendent General for Cumbria Installed!

Most Illustrious Grand Sovereign Graham Leslie Flight G.C.C. was the Installing Officer at Carlisle Masonic Hall as Deputy Intendant-General Joseph Ebenezer Sudhakar was promoted to become the new senior officer of the Division of Cumbria.

There was an excellent turnout for the occasion with members of the Grand Imperial Council and Intendant Generals of other Divisions being present to witness the proceedings. Adding lustre to the event were 18 members of the Grand Sepulchre Guard. It was gratifying that so many visitors had travelled, in some cases long distances, to bear witness to the installation of Joe. To put it into perspective Carlisle is 98 miles from Edinburgh whilst the distance to London is 308 miles. Those from the south of the country had indeed ventured a fair distance.

In fact it had been the intention to state that members of the Order had travelled from all four points of the compass but as anyone from the north must of necessity have crossed Hadrian’s Wall from Caledonia it would be more accurate to simply say from far and wide.

The presiding officer opened the Divisional Conclave prior to the entrance of the Grand Sovereign and his assisting officers. Salutations to the Installing Officer were given under the direction of the Grand Marshal. The Most Ill. Grand Sovereign then addressed the meeting before commencing the business of installation.

Before the admission of the Intendant-General Elect the Conclave Standards were borne into the Conclave and a roll call of the Conclaves in the Division was read.

An escort was formed and the Intendant-General Designate and his escort processed into the meeting. The patent of appointment was read, prayers were offered, and the Intendant-General designate was obliged before being invested and installed by the M. Ill. Grand Sovereign.

The new Intendant-General is a Trauma and Orthopaedic surgeon and in fact a number of those present could bear witness to the quality of his work. He is well respected in his field having published papers in national and international journals. During the Covid-19 pandemic he continued to work in the NHS for the good of his patients whilst sacrificing family life and exposing himself to danger.

He travels each year to Ghana at his own expense to offer hands on training and experience to Orthopaedic graduates whilst also performing surgery to poor and disadvantaged children with complex limb deformities as well as adults with complex fractures although the limited facilities do present challenges. He is also a member of the World Orthopaedic Concern which offers expertise to the developing world.

Right Illustrious Knight Sudhakar can be characterised as a fine gentleman and Mason who is highly respected in the Division of Cumbria and the Order in general. He is a person who adds value to society.

As his Deputy Intendant-General Joe was pleased to appoint Illustrious Knight David Stewart who likewise processed into the hall with his escort and underwent a similar ritual of installation.

For several years David has been a vital cog in the engine room of the Division in the capacity of Marshall. The new Deputy served for many in the Cumbria Constabulary and in retirement continues to serve his community as a Justice of the Peace.

Illustrious Knight Shane Huddart has taken on the mantle of Divisional Marshal.

The Divisional Banquet which followed proved a great success with the due formalities being observed The buzz of conversation and occasional laughter bore witness to the comradeship and good fellowship being enjoyed.

Following the banquet the meeting of the Divisional Conclave was resumed. The administrative matters which need to be dealt with at such meetings were dispatched prior to the new Intendant-General appointing his officers.

Joe then gave a brief address during which he paid tribute to the work of not only his predecessor R. Ill. Kt. Keith Beaumont but also Keith’s predecessor Rt. Ill. KT. Norman Thompson both of whom had worked hard to help shape the Division.

The Divisional Conclave was duly closed and with many a fond adieu it was time for the Worthy Knights to make their way home following an excellent day for the Division of Cumbria in general and Rt. Ill. Kt. Joe Sudhakar in particular.