Explanatory Notes for the General Guidance

General Guidance for the Resumption of Masonic Meetings

Blueprint for Exiting the Suspension

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1st May 2020 – Letter from the Intendant-General and Deputy Intendant-General to the members of the Division

17th March 2020 – Letter confirming all Conclave activity is suspended for 4 months

13th March 2020 – Latest guidance from the Grand Lodge about Coronavirus

2nd March 2020 – Letter from The Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons about Coronavirus

Dykes Conclave No 36

At the meeting on Monday 27th January 2020 the Conclave welcomed and installed Comp Johnathan Cody as a Knight of the RCC and re joining member W Kt  Howard Conner.

E.Kt  Alan Tomlinson was declared MPS Elect and W Kt Barry Hadley Eusebius Elect . The enthronement meeting will be on Monday 23 March 2020 at 7pm with a full Divisional Team Visit.

Geoffrey Robert Wiggins RIP

It is with sadness that we announce the passing of Geoffrey Wiggins on 5th January 2020. Geoffrey was 88 years of age and a member of Luguvalium Conclave No 494. His funeral will take place on Friday 24th January at Wigton Road Methodist Church at 12:30pm and afterwards at the Carlisle Crematiorium.

Dennis Dixon RIP

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Dennis Dixon who was the Most Puissant Sovereign of Cumbria Conclave No 347 in 1994 and brother of the late Reverend Canon David Dixon.

He held the Ranks of PGViceChamb and PDivChamb.

Dennis was 91 and leaves behind his wife Audrey.

The funeral for Dennis will be on Monday 23rd December at 12.45pm at the Ulverston Parish Church. 

A very sad loss to his family, friends, the Conclave, Freemasonry in general and the local community.

Dykes No.36 Welcomes a New Member

On Monday 23rd September 2019 there was a demonstration Red Cross degree in Ulverston, but all of the conclave members present had offices to fulfil in the ceremony. However, Robin Pearson was joining that night from St Leonard conclave, and he was ‘volunteered’ to be the candidate.

The ceremony was performed by the acting Sovereign Richard Johnson and the Viceroy Alan Tomlinson, while Dave Sear as Junior General expertly delivered the oration on the origins of the order. All of the junior officers had learned their parts well, and the whole ceremony was a pleasure to be participating in – just as well, as the Divisional Marshal David Stewart was present to see that all went as it should!

As an aside, on the original 1870 warrant, the first Viceroy in the conclave was a John Pearson, so perhaps a family relation to Robin, 149 years later?

Anyway after the meeting the Dykes’ members all looked fairly relaxed – or were they just glad it was all over?